In these challenging times, Dr. Horvath's non-profit has made arrangements to support those in need. Patients who cannot afford copays should advise us at the time of their visit, and Dr Horvath will waive their copay. For those who will require an office visit, appointments will be adequately scheduled to eliminate any risk of contact with other patients throughout the "shelter in place" (stay home) mandate.

In some cases, office visits can be done instead by phone or videoconferencing. Please contact us via our email address and request such a visit and provide you phone number.

Any questions can be emailed to Dr. Horvath at Please use "Phone Medical Consult" as the email subject line and include the patient's name and a phone number for a call to be returned to you, and make sure to include your correct pharmacy name and fax number in your email.

Friends of Dr Horvath have established a 501(c)(3) charity to help patients who cannot afford medical care during these difficult economic times. Please support this charity and give generously to help those in need. We named the charity DAGMAR HORVATH. The charity is entirely run by unpaid volunteers, and every penny raised will be used for helping patients. click here to go to website

We are in this together! CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW! Once you make a donation, contact Dr Horvath's office for a tax-deductible receipt if you need one.

Dr. Horvath


Welcome to Dr. Horvath's web site

This site is built and maintained by friends of Doctor Horvath. We think she is wonderful, and an extremely competent and compassionate doctor! See what some of her patients say about her (click here).


Doctor Horvath is a licensed physician and surgeon. She has a pediatrics, adolescent and family practice in San Jose, California. She is very experienced and has been in practice for over 45 years and is also Board certified in pediatrics.


Doctor Horvath is a recipient of a Patients' Choice Award (click here). She is also listed on as the best pediatrician in the Bay Area (click here).


Check out our news by clicking here. Latest news:


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Please call if you wish to arrange an appointment after normal hours.


To make appointments, please call between these hours:

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Sat 9am - 12pm


Telephone number to call for appointments:

(408) 295 - 8988


The Saturday morning hours are usually for emergencies and sick children (from 9am to 11:30am).


Doctor Horvath's provides free consultations for expecting parents to assure compatibility and a similar philosophy in the delivery of care.


Doctor Horvath has demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to excellent patient care, and convenience of her patients and their parents. Doctor Horvath's office has a characteristically short waiting period due to her ability to diagnose problems correctly and quickly, so her patients' experience is that she is usually on time, unless detained by an emergency. Doctor Horvath's office has an accredited service for basic laboratory tests that are often needed in the daily practice of pediatrics, and this reduces the need for patients to go elsewhere for some lab tests and then wait for results.


We have created a FaceBook page for Dr. Horvath    Please have a look!



A few comments:

If you are going to use E-mail for advice, do it only for things that are not urgent. Phone is always better for advice.


If you have any suggestions on how can improve what we are doing, and how we provide healthcare to you, by all means let us know.


Dr Horvath, Dr Navarro, Dr Duchicela and all of our staff want to thank you for choosing us for your care.


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